Happy Halloween!!

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Happy Halloween everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying the day. Today is one of the biggest candy-eating holidays of the year! Tonight as we dress our children up in their costumes and hit the streets to trick or treat for all of our Halloween goodies, here are some tips to help you curb the candy eating:

1.    Let the kids enjoy the evening and the candy. In other words, let them eat all they want! Instead of limiting your children and fighting with them about how much candy they can have tonight, let it be an opportunity to teach your kids moderation.

2.    Try not to be too restrictive with your kids.  As we all know, the more we restrict, the more they want.  If you allow your kids to go out and trick or treat and then make the candy forbidden, this will set your kids up for eating too much candy and sweets when they get the chance.  Use Halloween as a teachable moment and teach your children about moderation.

3.    Before you guys go trick or treating tonight, feed your children a good dinner. The lesson is here portion control, and not letting candy replace healthy, nutritious foods.

4.    Teach your children safety by asking them not to eat any candy until they come home from trick or treating.  All candy should be checked to make sure that it hasn’t been tampered with before your children eat it.

5.    After Halloween is over, let them choose a few pieces of candy to eat a little at a time.  This is a good time to teach your kids how to include small amounts of not so healthy foods, so candy never becomes a binge food.

6.    Challenge your kids to see how long their candy lasts them.  Make it a competition. Make sure the prize is worth the challenge.  Let them see how all their hard work pays off in the end.

7.    Lastly, buy the candy back from them! (allow your kids to “sell” you the candy they don’t want) and this way you know they won’t be eating all of it! Make sure they know they can’t use their money to buy more candy! A small incentive for them to let go of the candy they got!

Halloween Day is a fun day to share with your families, by dressing up in costumes, trick-or-treating, attend parties, and eating yummy treats. Fun doesn’t have to mean battles just because you know all those yummy treats are not good for your children.  Relax, enjoy and be sure to use these times as teachable moments that your children will use throughout their lifetimes.

We hope that each and every family has a fantastic and safe evening! Happy Halloween!



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