Website Security Basics

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How do I know if my Website is at Risk?

Websites are prone to having security risks, as well as the server the website is associated with. This risk can come from people, other computers or hackers, either way it is not good.

Web servers open a window between your network and the world. The care taken with server maintenance is important.  Web application updates and your web site coding will define the size of that window, limit the kind of information that can pass through it, and establish the degree of web security you will have.

Some security risks are caused by the employees of the company, your company or the people who access your website from the company. They can cause security risks by miss using the network, the web server, and the website itself. When you access your website you are opening a portal from your website to other websites on the Internet. By not taking heed to what your accessing, your allowing bad information to pass through the portal and without some certain degree of website security, you will allow the bad information to come in and the good information to be stolen.

Website securityhas two components, one component is public and the other is internal. Your security will be high if you have a low network resources, meaning if you use your computer for only the website and do nothing else on it, there is no chance anyone can steal your information. If you are using any information on your website that is important or critical information, then your security is at risk. You will know this by what information you’re sharing with your computer.

Poorly written software will create security issues as well. It is not always a person that causes the risk. The bigger the web application, the bigger the risk that there will be bugs and spyware that put your website at risk for damage and will allow people to steal your information.

The best way to protect website is to have the server turned off. No one and nothing can steal any information from your website if it’s not connected to the internet when it’s not in use. If you cannot leave your server off, then the next best thing to protect website is to have very few portals and what portals you have open, let them have very few services.

There are many things out there in the Internet world that will cause your website to have malfunctions with security problems, but there are just as many ways to protect your private information so that you are not a victim of information theft.  Always to remember to be very careful of how you use the Internet when running your own website and beware of what type of information you leak to the servers.

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